In Memoriam

The Morry Family Website is dedicated to the memory of all our loved ones who have been taken from us. We especially remember with sadness but much love and fondness those who were taken before their time by the scourge of cancer:

Thomas Graham Morry VI, who died tragically of cancer at the age of 50 on March 31, 1998. We all love and miss him deeply.Jamie Francis Morry, who succumbed to cancer after a brief but painful fight with cancer on November 13, 1999, at the young age of 37. Jamie is loved and greatly missed by his many friends and family, especially in Newfoundland and Ireland.Ian Thomas Graham Morry who, most sadly of all, was claimed by cancer at the gentle age of barely 3 on May 24, 2000. Ian was the sweetest and gentlest child that ever graced this earth and asked for nothing but love and affection, giving back ten times more for what he received.

I will place my life into your hands
Gently I will fall
like the dust.
To be one with the dust
of the universe
from which the stars are made

Thomas Graham Morry


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We hope that this site will serve as a link and a gathering place for the scattered remnants of the Morry Family, whose ancestor, Matthew Morry, came from Stoke Gabriel via Dartmouth Devon, England, to Newfoundland to make a living in the fishing trade some time before Sept. 1784. At that time we know he was granted land for a fishing room in Caplin Bay (now Calvert) near Ferryland, a tiny fishing village on Newfoundland’s Southern Shore that we, his descendants, think of as our family seat.

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