Howard Morry’s Notes on Morry Ancestry, 1938

This note in Dad Morry’s handwriting was found among a package of old letters held by my father and turned over to me this year (2003). Most of those letters were apparently recovered from “Athlone” cottage, the old Morry property in Caplin Bay (Calvert), after the death of the last Morry resident there, Elizabeth Morry, daughter of Matthew Morry III. This note, however, pertained to information Dad Morry indicates he had obtained from his Aunt. I believe he did not mean Elizabeth, who was his first cousin once removed, but rather one of his two maiden aunts, Frances or Florence . For one thing, he knew Elizabeth was his cousin and not his aunt. Also she died in 1930, long before he indicated this information was passed to him. Finally, other papers written by one or the other of these two ladies indicated that they considered themselves somewhat expert in the history of the Morry family, though indeed the information they passed on was far from accurate, as will be seen in the notes below.

Howard Morry’s Dec, 12, 1939 Memoirs

This is a transcript of one small portion of Dad Morry’s (Howard Leopold Morry) memoirs. It was transcribed by his grandson, Jamie, before his untimely death in 1999. Other of us have attempted to continue the work Jamie started and transcribe other parts of Dad Morry’s memoirs as we come upon them. Anyone knowing the whereabouts of sections of these memoirs is kindly asked to contact me to arrange for me to obtain a copy.

Howard Morry’s July 18 1957 Memories

This is just a page and a half of thoughts on the old days that Dad Morry jotted down one day thinking it may be of interest to others in years to come. he was right!

Howard Morry’s 1957 Memoirs, with Notes and Appendix by Glen and Chris Morry

This is a heavily annotated transcription of Dad Morry’s memoirs which focus on his time overseas in WWI. A great deal of effort was put into identifying with as much certainty as possible the individuals who figure in these war memoirs as there are excellent sources of information on the soldiers in the Royal Newfoundland Regiment online.

Howard Morry’s 1965 Memoirs with Notes by Chris Morry

This is a lightly annotated transcription of Dad Morry’s memoirs which focus on historical events in Ferryland and his reminiscences of the old times in the village. The only footnotes are to correct information on the history of the Morry family which emerged from research conducted after his death.

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